How To Get The Most Out of Luvocracy: Tips for Sharing With Friends


From awesome fashion finds to distinguished homewares and cool gadgets, you’ve added so many amazing recommendations to Luvocracy. The Luvocracy catalog is chock-full of tasteful products. Now invite people to join you so you can shop their recommendations and they can shop yours!

As you know, you earn rewards every time someone you’ve invited buys or sells anything on Luvocracy and they will earn rewards along the way, too.

Looking for ways to get the people who trust you on board the new, hip, social way to shop? Below are some great conversation starters we think are perfect for any situation.

Grow your community via the web:

+ In a blogpost:
Here are some awesome blog post examples from some of our tastemakers: Jeanne Chan, Erin Hiemstra, Robin Horton. Check them out!

+ In a pin:
Simply pin your favorite Luvocracy recommendations to Pinterest and let your curious followers click through to Luvocracy. They will be pleased as punch that the link works and they can easily buy the product they were lusting after. Check out this Luvocracy Love Board for some pinspiration.

+ In 140 characters:
“Luv it! @Luvocracy is a new shopping service where you get rewarded for having great taste. Come shop with me [Insert your profile link here] #iluvocracy”

+ In a Facebook status update:
“What’s not to luv? New social shopping platform Luvocracy allows you to share, discover, and buy great products. Plus, you earn credit whenever someone you’ve invited makes a purchase – or one of your recommendations sells. Join me today! [Share your profile link here]”

+ Whenever you’re shopping on Luvocracy:
Don’t forget, you can always send an invite via email or Facebook message directly from our site. Just click here, and spread the luv.

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2 Responses to How To Get The Most Out of Luvocracy: Tips for Sharing With Friends

  1. Lynda Lewin says:

    Love @luvocracy ! Can’t seem to find out how to by the reading nook hanging chair though… Don’t know what I did wrong… But I’ve got to have that chair.
    Lynda Fowler-Lewin
    And check out free kid’s music

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